Think beyond today! We are The Human Experience Lab.

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🌟 What’s the idea?

We are starting a lab for genuine, radical 360-degree thinking and experimentation - a hotbed of innovation.

💡 What drives us forward and energizes our thinking?

In our hearts lies the entrepreneurial and scientific spirit - the zeal to improve, to experiment, and to try new things in a constantly changing digital publishing and media world.

🔍 How do we shape the human experience in the media landscape of an omnichannel AI-driven world?

We believe when ideas touch the Human Experience Lab, they create opportunities for producing genuinely innovative and lasting work. In this world of AI-driven workloads and jetstream thinking, we believe it is important to have a fresh mind, the ability to step back, reflect, and share our thoughts with you. We are technology driven! Technology is both a friend and a foe, energizing some parts of the economy, focusing painful change, and, in some ways, fatally wounding other parts. We live in a state of creative destruction, where destruction makes way for creation and innovation. Yes, the impact of new technology is often overestimated in the short term and underestimated in the long term. Machine learning is here to stay. We see technology as a challenge, but we always view it as an opportunity, shaping it around the human experience. The human experience is evolving in a world where machine learning transforms everything. We are a small team of AI-augmented system thinkers specializing in the technology, publishing, behavioral science, and machine learning solutions space.

❓ Why here?

Creativity is just connecting things. — Steve Jobs. Let's embrace this idea by connecting our experiences to create new things. Follow us as we change and evolve – it’s a constantly moving target. Join us on this journey as we share our learnings and experiences with you. 🤝

⏰ Why now?

Because it’s now. We're embedded and supported in the powerhouse of Ippen Digital and IPPEN.MEDIA, where we have already learned and contributed. Did we mention that we love experimenting?

Our society requires a free, independent, diverse, and consistent humanized journalism.

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